marți, 21 februarie 2012

Black Ops 2 Zombies - Tips on How You Will Constantly Win

The game Black Ops 2 Zombies are expected to be very popular. Right before the release of the game, it would be expected that it will be a huge success. The game is said to be very amazing that its popularity reached to almost every gamer in the world of video games all across the globe. It is said that this game will provide you the gaming experience that you need and would definitely surpass the one that you felt in playing the previous version. You will definitely have no regrets whatsoever regarding this video game for it will surely satisfy your need for excitement and pleasure as you play it.

As great as this game might be, there are some tactics that you may want to know so that you will be able to get the highest levels possible as you play the Zombie mini levels. By doing so, it is a guarantee that you will beat this game with flying colors in no time. One thing that should be done first at hand would have to know on the distinct difference between zombies and other players and in dealing with zombies, it would be important for you to know that there are some ways for you to kill it. Basically, it is hard to kill a zombie; however, it would be harder to kill it if you are aiming your shot at the torso areas. In addition, hitting them on the arms would definitely be a waste of ammunition. The best thing for you to do here is to aim nowhere else but in the head. It may be hard but is would be the easiest way for you to execute one. Furthermore, killing a zombie in the head will give you more money and points so it would be wise for you to do this as many as you can possibly can. This is known to be one of the basic tactics that a lot of players are doing.Black Ops 2.

Another effective strategy that you may want to do is on allowing one zombie alive as you regroup with your teammates. This is due to the fact that the succeeding level will never start unless the zombie number will be reduced to zero. By leaving one or to alive is a great way for you to buy some time and d use it in the purchase of new ammo and guns. It can also be a time for you to plan with your team on what your next strategy would be.